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General inspection interval?
Gradient recommends the first general inspection after 2 years or 200 hrs. If you find any changes in your wings flying behaviour you should have the wing checked before your next flight. General inspections always have to be carried out by an Gradient autorized service center.
Where can I find Gradient autorized service center?
Inspections and major repairs are carried out directly in Gradient workshop in Praha for or in various countries, there are dealers and importers who also provide inspections. Enquire at your Gradient dealer for the name and address of the closest service center.
Cleaning of the glider?
Clean the paraglider with clean lukewarm water only. Never let the glider come into contact with chemicals. After cleaning the wing, let it dry far from the sun.
What to do with wet glider?
Even if your glider is made from water-repellent fabric, try not to pack your glider when wet! This could damage fabric characteristics (especially its stability) and support mildew genesis. If there's no other way then dry it as soon as possible but away from direct sunlight. Don't let your glider come into contact with sea water. If it does, rinse (the lines, canopy and risers) with fresh water and dry before storing.
Long time storage?
For longer term storage we recommend: Take the glider out of rucksack, let it in inner bag, which should be open in order to let humidity go out. Storage your glider in a dry room far from high heat and from the sun.