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Which glider size is the right one?
To get the right size, you need to know your take-of weight. Choose the size of glider that puts you closest to the middle of the weight range. If you are between two sizes, analyse which style of flying you prefer If you are more loaded, the wing is a bit more dynamic. Important point are also flying conditions you use most of your time, for weaker conditions is better slightly biger glider. However, you will be safe on either of the sizes as long as you are within the weight range.
Life time of the wing?
The life time of a wing depends on several criteria among which of course the number of hours of flight. Other criteria are important too: exposure to the sun, hours of inflation exercices, contact with water or humidity and storage conditions. Drying of the wing immediately is very important aspect. Your wing will last longer if you do not expose unnecessarily your wing to sun rays and fold it always carefully.
Why Gradient is using different materials in different place of canopy?

To make the best of potential of newest materials, for every part of a glider the best material without compromise is used: - We chose Porcher Marine New Skytex S 9092 (45 g/m2), with coating E77A, for upper sail, because of its best stability and its water resistance. - We chose Porcher Marine New Skytex S 9017 (40g/m2) with coating E38A, for the lower surface, because of its lower weight, good possibility to repair by adhesive Skytex (and also better possibility to putt there an advertising from adhesive materials) and better possibility to dry up.
- Main carrying ribs are made of Porcher Marine Skytex S 9092 with coating E29A -Hard Finish (45 g/m2).
- Non-carrying ribs are of Porcher Marine Skytex S 9017 with coating E29A -Hard Finish (40 g/m2).

Why Gradient is using lines from different materials in suspension system?
There is mostly a three-level line concept used on our gliders. Excluding competition gliders, for the level closest to the canopy and for the middle level we use purely dyneema lines, because of their best durability and lower reduction of strength after sewing. For main lines we use field-proven, strong Aramid lines, because of their low elongation at break. Why Gradient is using uncovered dyneema lines in suspension system? On high performance gliders, at the level closest to the canopy we use special LIROS lines, stronghold uncovered dyneema. These lines offer the best blend of durability, strength and drag reduction. Also finishing the lines by splicing does not reduce the strength!
Why each glider is flown before delivered to customer?
To fly every glider is really hard job, but every paraglider is an aircraft and even if there are several quality control checks during the whole production process, only flight check by very experienced pilot can guarantee, that the glider is OK.