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Coming soon in spring 2017

You may have noticed that we are finishing our new project of a high-performance glider ASPEN6.

By using the newest knowledge in the field of paragliding construction and by using the sophisticated and well proven Gradient technology we have gained a brand new concept which has shown to be amazing already from the first moment in the air. With its performance potential and with its aspect-ratio it still has very pleasant behaviour with adequate sensitive response.

Aspen6 has a brand new front shape of the canopy and higher aspect-ratio with a minimum wing twisting for the lowest possible induced drag. New line layout with uncovered lines for minimal drag together with an aerodynamically clean canopy of 66 cells ensure high performance even at maximum speed.

Aspen6 is a purely sports wing designed for pilots with desire for limitless cross-country flights.

Aspen6 has already passed shock&load tests. We plan to produce it in 5 sizes.

Your Gradient team.

Our first success with Aspen6: A Czech pilot Mirek Volny accopmlished a beautiful 270km long flight with Aspen6. Congratulations!

Slovak pilot Juraj Koren broke a local record with the new Aspen6 in Nepal in free crossing. Congratulations! Flight details can be seen at XContest webpage.