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How to replace the line?
The only admissible repairs done on lines are those where the damaged lines are changed for new ones, exclusively supplied by the manufacturer, authorised dealer or service. When putting an order for lines, use code indicators given in the pilot´s manual and or in suspension system reference on this web-page. An exception is changing a control line in the terrain. For this purpose the manufacturer encloses a spare line with a prepared loop on one end. The right length should be adjusted according to the same line on the opposite side of the canopy and then attach your break handle. As soon as you can yourself swap the line for an original one from your authorised GRADIENT service centre. After any changing of lines a thorough pre-flight check must be done! Don't hesitate to ask your instructor or an experienced colleague for help. If you're not sure, entrust the job to either the manufacturer or an authorised GRADIENT dealer.
How to repair a small damage on canopy?
Only small repairs may be done by the user which means repairs that don't change the airworthiness of the paraglider. Among these are fixing small tears (besides seams) up to 10 cm. When repairing the sail use self-adhesive patch specified for this purpose. To every glider the manufacturer encloses an amount of self-adhesive material which is enough for usual repairs during the usage of your paraglider.