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The Wing

Gradient's new intermediate Nevada (EN B) is available as a light version. With a special combination of carefully selected materials the glider weight could be reduced by 1 kg  down to 4700 grams (size 28). The Nevada light will be available in size 22, 24, 26 and 28. Another advantage of the glider is the packing volume, which could be reduced essentially. With the new Nevada light Gradient offers a wing for pilots who don't compromise in EN B performance, speed and climb, but additionally need lowest packing volume and lowest possible glider weight. This combination makes the Nevada light a wing for hikers, mountaineers and travellers who'd like to top their adventures with thermaling and XC flying.  

Technical description and features

The Nevada’s ground plan has a slender, elliptical shape with a slight positive contortion of the leading edge. This means that the “ears” (stabilo) of the canopy are slightly swept back in flight. This modern design has a number of advantages. The glider’s profile has been specially developed to deliver maximum stability over as wide a speed range as possible. The position and size of the cell openings help support this objective.

The leading edge is reinforced using integrated nylon and elastic. This ensures optimal inflation of the canopy and helps to retain the leading edge’s perfectly clean shape at maximum speed.
Attachment points between the lines and the canopy are reinforced by elastic nylon strings, optimising the distribution of forces across the glider.
Gradient’s unique DDsystem makes it possible to reduce line consumption to less than 241m (size 28) – more than 33% less line when compared with the Golden3!
The layout of the line attachment points improve stability at maximum speed – an essential feature of modern high-performance paragliders.
The upper level lines have progressively differing diameters and are made from special, very strong unsheathed lines. All these lines have the advantage of splice loops, to give maximum overall strength, durability and the lowest possible drag.
The sophisticated combination of Dyneema and Vectran lines with different shrinking characteristics used in the glider maintain the correct geometry within the suspension system for a long time.
The Nevada is supplied with a well proven three-riser speed-system which gives great acceleration and maximum speed.

Gradient has paid attention to small details too, including new low-drag micro attachment points on the wing tips, small karabiners with special Gradient plastic locks for lines, inner bag and riser bag, etc.