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Gradient's lightweight construction changed paragliding. A worldwide trend of weight reduction in wing design has been set off. Now Gradient comes up to set new standards: MONTANA. A wing that reconciles what never seemed to be reconcilable: the weight of a mountain-glider with durability, the handling of a freestyle-wing with safety, the performance of an XC-glider with agility. MONTANA's conception follows Gradient's philosophy: the balanced reduction to the essential. Ideas keep this design alive- the reason why it can be so pure. Perfection is a question of detail: for MONTANA, just materials of highest quality have been selected. Only after testing all components on stability and reliability they are used in the company’s own production. Permanent control of quality by the Gradient-Team can be guaranteed. MONTANA follows precisely to the pilot’s stearing activities and gives him or her a sensitive feedback from airmasses. Piloting is tacit agreement in an integrated whole. MONTANA follows like a heartbeat. The versatility of MONTANA makes this wing the choice for all kinds of pilots. The design of the low-weight harness X-LITE is perfectly coordinated with MONTANA, which is already supposed to be state of-the-art. (Tests: Gleitschirm Nr. 11/12 08 and Nr.10 08 / Parapente Mag Nr.120 / Vol Libre Nr.389)