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Gradient Guarantee

With this guarantee, Gradient s.r.o. (referred to below as Gradient), guarantees that the owner, for the period of 1 year from the date of purchase and on compliance with the conditions laid down by Gradient and set out below, be entitled to have their paraglider repaired free of charge by Gradient.

Please note that we will require a copy of your bill/invoice if Gradient Guarantee will be claimed.


a) ) This guarantee only applies for 1 year from the date of purchase of the Paraglider. This is the date shown on the bill/invoice issued by authorised Gradient dealer at the point of sale of the paraglider. Please note that we will require a copy of your bill/invoice if Gradient Guarantee is claimed.

b) This guarantee only applies to private sport and leisure time activities. It does not cover for example paragliders used for participation in competitions, shows or for instructional purposes and any other professional use.

c) To validate the free repair guarantee you have to register your Gradient glider online by registration form within 10 days after the purchase. Without online registration the free repair guarantee is not valid.

d) The glider together with the sales contract (invoice/bill copy) must ALL be sent to the Gradient when claiming under this guarantee. Indicate “Gradient Guarantee“ on the box or on documents attached and also describe the problem/damage.

e) Repairs or replacements of damaged parts will be undertaken solely by Gradient within 10 workingdays. (First day is delivery day to Gradient office, Last day is sending the glider back.)

f) All the necessary transport costs incurred and all of the risks arising in carrying out the guarantee will be carried by the owner. Old used parts will become the property of Gradient.

g) In cases of gross negligence, chemical, damaged by a propeller while paramotoring, electrical damage or deliberate damage on the part of the owner, all claims for free repair will become null and void.

h) If the repair of the glider is not possible or uneconomical - for example if the costs of repair would be more than 50% of the retail price of an equivalent new glider Gradient is entitled to refuse to honour the guarantee. 

i) Any provisional repair can not be done on the glider when Gradient Guarantee is claimed.

j) one year free repair guarantee is valid for all new Gradient standard model gliders. Special and aerobatics Gradient gliders like Freestyle and Agility are not covered by one year free repair guarantee.

If all or any part of the above conditions are not completely fulfilled, Gradient reserves the right to refuse this guarantee.

Custommers from outsider of EU countries contact Gradient office before you send your glider for repair please. We will provide you by easy transport instruction to avoid complicated custom procedure and save money.