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The new Golden3 is the latest development in Gradient‘s intermediate series. The wing is the follow up to the most successful Gradient model ever, the Golden2. The result is pure style. An aerodynamic design with an incomparable variety of uses. A wing with the potential to meet the demands of all kinds of pilots. 
The agility, lift, performance and speed of the Golden3 are backed up by strong passive safety – the perfect starting point for your next paragliding adventure. Gradient’s typical sensitive handling and quick feedback means pilots relax and quickly start to fly in harmony with the wing. 
It makes the Golden3 a truly reliable partner for your adventure through the invisible. Flying becomes intuitive, leaving your mind free to concentrate on making decisions about your flight.

Flying the Golden3 starts with the typical, easy take-off characteristics Gradient pilots all over the world appreciate. The wing’s new profile works much more efficiently across the whole span and reduces the sink rate even when turning. A combination of Sports-class trim speed and an effective acceleration system means the Golden3 is an XC machine for its class. 
The Gradient3 thermals like a Sports-class wing, with a flat turn even when flying small circles. The wing reacts immediately to weight shifting and has precise brakes for sporty handling. Well-balanced wing dynamics and a defined stall point give this intermediate glider freestyle qualities. Manoeuvres like the SAT or Helicopter can be executed without even a tiny collapse. The glider also behaves in a calm and predictable way in extreme situations, leaving you confident of your safety while you regain normal flight – no matter if it was you or turbulence that caused the trouble. 

For the Golden3 Gradient perfected the art of innovative lightweight construction. Gradient achieved this by optimising the materials, innovative manufacturing and special wing construction. The result is not only less glider weight, but aerodynamic improvements in performance and safety too.
The Golden3 has three main line levels – a system Gradient has uses for years. Careful selection of lines and materials means the wing-loading is optimised in flight in any situation. The inner working of the profile arose from Gradient’s Sports class development. Using the latest software meant the tension of the profile could be increased.These improvements have allowed the Gradient team to tune the whole wing without compromising safety. Small, simple details make this glider complete.  
The Golden3 is an intermediate glider of the future. It’s another high end product, the result of Gradient’s successful design philosophy that in the air, progress means simplicity. Finding elegant solutions to creating that simplicity is the art of building a Gradient wing.