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GO – Flying was never so easy

3, 2, 1, … GO and fly

Get ready, get set, GO fly

Ready, steady, GO fly!

Go is the newest all round, recreational glider from the Gradient Research & Development team. It was developed for the training of beginner pilots as well as for occasional pilots. The idea behind GO is to have a glider which would excel with maximum passive safety, and is very easy to handle in all phases of a flight as well as unpacking before take-off and packing after landing. We also wanted to develop a glider with notable performance which would enable pilots to do their very first cross country flights, mindful of the top speed to penetrate increasing winds and a nice gliding ratio to reach intended landing spot.

Go is a glider with the latest design and utilises the newest technologies, made from materials of the highest possible quality for maximum life span of the glider.

Go was designed for pilots and paragliding instructors so the process of learning to fly would evolve into a life passion.

Why Go is different from all others:

- Even at this category, the wing is a lean ellipse which delivers good gliding ratio and easy handling

- A thoughtful flat plan of the canopy, using diagonal ribs which allows a minimalistic and clear line set

- VO system of the cell openings keeps the profile of the glider aerodynamically clean, makes the take-off incredibly easy and provides quick recovery from collapses

- Minimalistic line set of two levels and three-and-a-half rows makes the pre-flight check clean and simple. This also means that geometry checks of the glider and as well as trimming or replacing lines is fast and easy

- Risers are distinguished with different colours to help prevent confusion. The C-riser is reinforced so it won‘t twist and enables the pilot to grab the brake toggle without it looping

- The high level of in-flight stability automatically reduces pitch and roll of the glider and make it a breeze to fly