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Gradient’s new Freestyle2 is your wing for everything paragliding is today. It doesn’t matter whether you’re launching into a strong wind, if you’re working on acro manoeuvres and transitions, or if you just love dropping its sharp-shaped winglet into the centre of a cracking thermal. With the Freestyle2 you’ll find your personal playground in the air, anywhere on the planet. It might just change your life as you jack in that fulltime job and head off to find the best place to perfect your skills, training as often as you can. The Freestyle2 hones your intuition into the perfect line in the sky, the perfect climb and the perfect, stylish acro run. At the same time the Freestyle2 will keep you busy. With its sensitive feedback it will clearly show off your skill level, while offering you room to perfect those skills. Training with the Freestyle2 will help take your flying to the next level – and will help you move on up to a dedicated Acro wing.
The Freestyle2 is a completely new development by the Gradient Team and was designed in cooperation with experienced acro pilots. The wing’s main characteristics are the highly stable profile, easy stall characteristics and sensitive handling in deep stall – fundamental basics for an up-to-date freestyle wing. Gradient’s ‘no compromise’ philosophy has been used too in the build – only materials of the highest standard have been used, helping make this wing what it is. There are reinforcements at all points of high stress, building security into your wing and giving you ultimate peace of mind. Rated to 12G and a take-off weight of 135kg the Freestyle2 passed its official shock and load tests without any problems. This opens the door to all international FAI-accredited acro competitions. The wing’s colour scheme can be customized too – just ask us for details and we’ll make your dream wing come true.

The Freestyle2 will give your flying individuality. Go flying and get used to the wing’s sensitive brake pressure, work out the dynamic potential of the new profile, learn how to control spins and transitions. Or maybe just try something new. The Freestyle 2 gives you the space to be creative while providing maximum safety: fast and direct reaction to your inputs allowing you to stay in control before things get serious. 
The Freestyle2 will make your life bigger, even if you’re not that serious about flying acro or freestyle. With the wing’s speed and handling you will learn to handle and fly in stronger winds, giving you extra airtime in bigger air. And isn’t that what you’re after?