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Gradient’s new Bright 4 is the fourth generation of the globally successful Bright series, aimed squarely at beginners and pilots who are looking for fun. With the Bright 4 the Gradient development team has truly created a glider for anyone who wants a glider with maximum passive safety combined with 100 % enjoyment. New pilots, weekend pilots and those who simply want easy flying will find a truly reliable friend in the Bright 4. Safety is a high priority, but that doesn’t mean less handling. The Bright 4 still offers that unique Gradient feel while giving sensitive feedback in the air and being forgiving to mistakes. The glider’s speed, glide and effective accelerator-range also opens the door to the secrets of cross country adventure. It guarantees you a fast learning curve while promising relaxing flying – it sets your skills free and lets your intuition take charge. It is your first step to flying like a pro.
The Bright 4’s take-off characteristics are simple. It comes up without using any force – you can even launch it simply by moving your body, without holding the risers. While coming up the glider will straighten itself automatically. Once up, it doesn’t overshoot, so there is plenty of time to get full pre-flight control. The length of the brakes mean they can absorb small errors in pilot control, but there is still a defined brake pressure in any position. Together with the wing’s stability in flight this makes taking off easy and fun. In flight, the wing reacts immediately to weight shift, meaning you can use small thermals and dynamic wind in a very effective way. A clear and defined stall point on the brakes means the risk of over-braking or flying too slowly is minimised.
Construction-wise, the Bright 4 is made using Gradient’s innovative lightweight materials. There is no compromise here: only materials from the world’s best manufacturers are used. The result is a glider that weighs less but also benefits from the aerodynamic advantages that lightweight materials can bring. Those carefully selected materials and a new line set-up mean the wing-loading is optimised in flight in any situation. Combined with the glider’s lower tendency to overshoot, this gives the Bright 4 increased passive safety in extreme situations. Finally, a clear riser layout makes pre-flight checks straightforward and easy. Perfection in design has been Gradient’s philosophy for the last 14 years. Elegant ideas, intelligent solutions and responsibility are our watchwords.

Explore the invisible with Gradient. Fun doesn’t get any better than this