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Gradient development team had a very uphill struggle target. The goal was to improve most successful Gradient tandem BiGolden2. Well, mission completed!  

Gradient team is proud to introduce a  tandem glider BiGolden3.  Lighter, faster, more compact, with better handling and higher performance. Canopy is designed from well proven combination of different materials - all premium quality. Porcher Skytex Everlast - double coated tissue is used for high stability and durability of the BiGolden3 canopy.  Reinforcements are made with special shaped  nylon rods.  Line drag is also significantly reduced. A new trim system improves easy operating and performance of BiGolden3 on wide range of speed. Weight of the glider is just 7,3kg (size 42) which is also considerably influencing flight characteristics.

BiGolden3 - easy take off, quick launching, perfect turning and the legendary Gradient handling. No matter if flying conditions are ideal or not. With BiGolden3 you will share the pleasure of flying with every passenger onboard.