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The concept behind the new BiGolden2 tandem glider from Gradient is the same as the concept that drives our development team: focus on the essentials and use elegant solutions to design a glider that delivers. No fuss, no nonsense. Easy take off characteristics, quick launching and dynamic flaring make the BiGolden2 unique among tandem gliders. At home in the air, the wing’s agile profile combined with comfortable steering and easy brake pressure means the glider loves thermals and reacts precisely. The dynamics of the wing are so exact that thermalling is a pure joy, even after hours of flying. As well as great aerodynamics, the glider has a special line set-up that spreads the load across the wing in a new way. The result of these improvements is that the BiGolden2 is probably the best handling tandem paraglider on the market today.

Brother to the BiGolden2 is the BiGolden XC, a specially built glider for tandem pilots who want to pursue big distances and set new records. The glider comes fitted with a competition line set-up, while the efficient trimmer system has been developed directly from Gradient’s Open Class competition gliders. The BiGolden XC’s unique profile gives pilots direct feedback from the smallest of air movements, allowing extra sensitivity when thermalling and full control in any situation. Test fly a glider from the new Gradient tandem range and let us show you that Gradient has the edge.