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Avax XC3: With its clean lines and high performance the XC3 has been designed for advanced pilots who want to fly distance. The three-line glider makes no compromises when it comes to flying cross country. Stabilisers on the leading edge and an innovative internal structure spread the wingloading perfectly across the glider. Gradient‘s variable-sized cell openings optimise the pressure in the wing at all angles, while the glider’s special S-curved profile stabilises it at high speeds. Materials have been carefully selected to create a finely tuned glider that responds and fits perfectly to any situation, meaning the XC3 delivers in every way. The glider offers precise brake pressure, agile handling, responsive and intuitive feedback through the risers, brakes and harness, and sensitivity on the speed bar. In short, the XC3 is your guarantee of adventure in cross country flying. Your wing counts – make it an XC3.