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About Aspen6 project

"Starting to work with the Gradient R&D team only from September 2016 I had the chance to arrive at the really beginning of the Aspen 6 project. It was a great opportunity for me to start working on such an important project straight away. On the first flights I was immediately seduced by the shape of the glider, it was showing such a great improvement compare to the previous generation of Aspens and it included all the latest technologies Gradient had produced and tested along the years I could only praise the designer's work there. I have always been really attached to Gradient's DNA, which means great brake reactivity, handling, speed and performances so I was really looking forward to find these aspects back into the Aspen6. I was not disappointed, already on its very first flights Aspen6 showed great potential in term of handling as well as safety and performances. From the first performances tests we made I could so that the Aspen 6 would be one of the best in its category as well. It was a really promising project from these very first flights in Switzerland during the autumn 2016. Being part of the R&D team I have had the chance to see the glider evolve into its final version, which, I can say it frankly, is amazing to fly. A lot of aspect have been corrected along the way, the whole team has a huge passion for flying and a strong desire to fly so it was always very important to spend as much time as possible in the air to try and improve this Aspen 6. Each improvement was tested through many flights to make sure that the best compromise was found. Each time an improvement was made we tested it several time to be sure it was the right thing to do. As pilots first we all wanted to fly the very best glider we possibly could. I was able to see the glider evolve into what I think is the best Aspen Gradient has ever produced. The handling has been improved during the development and now offers a great amount of pleasure to the pilots, Aspen 6 goes where you want it to be without any hesitation, it is a pure product of the Gradient's DNA I am so attached to. I also had the chance to put the Aspen 6 through all kind of troubles to make sure that we have a glider which is safe in all conditions and I was mind blown by the result. In many ways the safety of the Aspen 6 could be compared to the one of an EN-B glider during the whole testing process I kept being amazed by this glider's reactions to what I was putting it through and I think that pilots will feel really safe under it. In conclusion I would say that I could not be happier that the first project I take part in with the Gradient R&D team is the Aspen 6 as it will be for sure a success that I will be proudly saying I took a part in."

Théo de Blic, GRADIENT R&D Team