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The Wing

With the new Aspen4 Gradient sets new standards in the development of high end intermediate paragliders. The result is well balanced glider which offers unique performance and meets EN-C homologation standards in the same time. Gradient’s innovative DDsystem is at the heart of the wing, allowing us to push performance and speed in the Aspen4 to the very limit of its class.

The Aspen4 has a unique low bank when turning which allows pilots to fly in amazingly tight 360s when thermalling, and always offers the maximum wing area to the thermal for the most efficient climb. The DDsystem means limits can be pushed without extending the glider’s aspect ratio. For Aspen4 pilots this means safe and predictable flight characteristics in turbulent air, low risk of cravats and typical Gradient handling. 


Gradient's Double Diagonal System (DDsystem) was developed especially for the Aspen4 and is the heart of the wing. It means a stable profile and the best possible tension in the upper sail, the lower sail and the leading edge. A carefully chosen combination of different materials has been carefully selected to work with the DDsytem. The result is a wing in perfect balance. Reinforcement is used where needed, including the leading edge which is strengthened with nylon rods. Uniquely shaped rib reinforcements optimise the wingloading across the canopy: a big advantage in case of collapses.

Line Layout

The DDsystem makes it possible to give the Aspen4 a completely new and innovative line layout. The glider uses less than 240 metres of line (Aspen4 28). Compared to the Aspen3 this means 37% less line consumption. The result is a lot less drag and an immense aerodynamic improvement leading to better glide and all the practical advantages of a real three-liner.

The combination of different lines and materials is coordinated with the wingload to take account of real flight situations. The tiniest details are fine tuned: lines with progressive diameters give the finishing touch to the whole glider. Thin and minimalist competition-style risers are used as a matter of course.

The Aspen4 is delivered with a new Gradient rucksack. Packed with features even the rucksack is newly designed, with a special carrying system unique to Gradient. To complement it, Gradient recommends the Gradient Concertina bag for maximum care and durability of the wing.