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Gradient’s Aspen3 has landed after a long period of development. The team has finished fine-tuning its new sport-class climbing machine, and after its predecessor Apen2’s huge worldwide success, the Aspen3 meets the needs of ambitious XC-pilots more intensely than ever before. Gradient has perfected the glider’s special lightweight construction and managed to further reduce its weight. A new profile has a higher degree of effectiveness in converting airstreams and works much more efficiently across the whole span. But it’s not just the wing’s performance to profit from the improved shape. It’s in the updrafts where the new design shows its biggest strength: the Aspen3 has an extremely low sink rate even when turning. This is why updrafts in any corner of the world become easy prey for the wing. When it comes to climbing performance the Aspen3 easily matches open class competition gliders. Flying fully accelerated, the Aspen3 comes up with another trump card: stability. This was an important objective in optimizing the wing’s XC-characteristics, and with it a safe foundation is provided for those XC-pilots chasing miles. 

Perfection is a question of detail. Components of the Aspen3 come from renowned manufacturers and are made with the highest quality of materials. Gradient works closely with component fabricators ensuring that every element’s shape, material and functionality are scientifically proven. In combination with elegant aerodynamic solutions, the Aspen3 fits perfectly with Gradient’s philosophy: creating pure and clean wings that are the embodiment of great ideas.

Technical improvements
  • Thin competition risers to reduce drag. Primary parts of the riser are reinforced to guarantee sufficient load-bearing capacity
  • Specially adapted Peguet karabiners to reduce drag and weight without losing stability
  • Light pulleys to reduce glider weight
  • Uniquely shaped rib reinforcements to optimize the spread of the wing load at line ankle points.
  • Innovative drag-reducing competition line layout concept.
  • Dust protected swivels on the break handles