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Agility is our new special acrobatic glider for very experienced pilots. It is a full-on acro glider specially designed to perform all acrobatic manoeuvres. We worked on this wing together with top acrobatic pilots Horacio Llorens and Théo De Blic. Horacio and Théo had been testing the wing for couple of years already and they helped us to take it to perfection. 

Agility has been already on podium twice as Horacio and Théo won the Acro Paragliding World Cup in Synchro and also won a gold on Synchro Aerobatics at the FAI World Air Games in Dubai. We are very pleased with Agility results in competitions.

Few words from the world cup winners Horacio and Théo about the glider

Horacio Llorens

"Agility is the glider I was dreaming for years. After months of development and research with Gradient, I believe we have found what we were searching for. We found the perfect balance. The Agility is ideal; it is precisely made to achieve all manoeuvres smoothly and it gives a great feeling to the pilot and is also very pleasant to fly. The handling feels just right! I believe that the Agility will bring new possibilities and bring us to a new level..."

Théo de Blic

"Agility has been made to give pure joy to the pilots, whether it is when they are flying downs doing tricks, or thermaling to gain altitude, the glider is a delight. It has a light brake pressure and an instinctive handling, while you fly you have the feeling to fly an XC glider, but it turns straight to an acro glider as soon as you start doing manoeuvres. Due to its impressive but easy to handle energy and its great internal pressure the glider is able to perform all tricks the cleanest way possible. Whether you are flying waggas, thermalling in light conditions or flying the craziest tricks you know Agility will suits you. I have flown a lot of gliders in my life but Agility surpasses them all.

Agility Product Video