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New Out and return World record with BiGolden XC
This is a flight I have been dreaming about for several years. Ever since I bought my BiGoldenXC wing I know it was capable of breaking the 200km Out and Return distance in Slovenia, starting and ending above my house in the mountains in a village called Sorica, a place where many records begin.

The wing and i have had many adventures over the years. Notable amongst others was setting the 100km declared speed world record last year. It has the most amazing ability to fly with ease. It holds and converts energy like no other tandem I have flown whilst maintaining a light, but direct handling on the brakes. Don't be fooled into thinking this wing is for the leisure pilot, but for a confident XC pilot with tandem experience it can unlock new adventures. I can fly this wing for hours without tiring and it only needs the gentlest of input to make it respond. It is always a pleasure to see the look on a pilots face as I cruise past them, the trim speed being faster than almost anything.

For the record, it is a route I know intimately. I have practiced the 200km route for several years, mostly flying solo but also for much of it on the tandem. So on the 11th August it all fell into place. I had a passenger who was willing, I was free from work for the day and the weather forecast was perfect. The last day of the Bora wind, it was forecast an east wind for the morning and a west wind for the afternoon. Just what is required for fast flying for an Out and Return. So we declared a 205km route.

We took off at around 10am. You can start early at Sorica because you are above the inversion. The flying is a little slow that early, but it is reliable and base had been high for several weeks. I flew high over my house, the turnpoint for the start of the route. Off we went. Km after km, checking my time markers every 25km to make sure I wasn't flying too slowly. I hadn't fitted the speedbar but the trimmers were enough. We managed to fly faster than most of the EN-D wings that had launched with us. As we reached our turnpoint, 102.5km out, we decided to fly a little more. We had arrived 20 minutes early and the day was better than I expected. We should have declared 20km more! Then we turned, just as the wind turned to a westerly and raced back home.

Around 7 hours later we were back flying over my house, tagging the cylinder to declare a valid flight. If I were flying for the league today I would fly a further 20km to land, but we had achieved our target, the World Record for Declared Out & Return on a Tandem (Multiplace) and had also taken the Freedistance world record too. A bonus on analyzing later was to also have the European speed record. I met my wife and children in my back garden as I landed. This wing is simply awesome and I can't wait to start planning my next adventure with the wing next season!

Thank you Mathew Minnie, my passenger, and Gradient for such a great wing!

Brett Janaway